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Marine proteins expensive? VDS has an alternative source.

25 May 2010

Fishmeal prices are climbing steadily higher and the overall outlook is that these prices will continue to rise in the coming year(s).


VDS has an alternative : cold water wild catch SHRIMP HEAD AND SHELL MEAL, of our own quality standard production.

Marine proteins are an invaluable component of high performance fish or shrimp feed. As a premium shrimp feed producer, VDS has been on the look out for fresh marine protein raw materials. As such VDS has decided to produce fresh shrimp head and shell meal for our own needs and that of our clients.


VDS shrimp meal is being marketed under the brand name of "Crangon Meal NS 45". The raw material is made from peeling station waste of the Crangon crangon species (brown shrimp or North Sea shrimp). This is the waste stream from a human food plant, and is as such not putting an extra stress on the marine environment. The average protein content is 45%.


The product is freshly and indirectly dried at low temperatures to avoid protein denaturation.


Our main export market today is Iran, Egypt and Bangladesh.


You can find more information on the amino acid profile in the sheet annex (PDF-file).



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