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News on Cameroon's Agriculture Policies

19 January 2011

President Paul Biya made the recommendation yesterday in Ebolowa saying Cameroon should adopt a new spirit in agro-pastoral production.

With startling revelations made by President Paul Biya about Cameroon having imported cereals for some FCFA 500 billion in 2009, that is, seven times more than the 1994 importation level of, those involved in the agricultural promotion in the country have every reason to think hard. Speaking yesterday January 17, 2011 in the South Regional capital of Ebolowa as he opened the Agro-pastoral Show, long awaited by farmers in the country, the Head of State recalled the conclusions of the Yaounde Declaration following the "Africa 21" Conference to mark 50 years of Cameroon's independence which pointed out that "Africa should no longer import to eat".

Thus, the Ebolowa Agro-pastoral Show that would run through January 22, 2011 saw several activities at yesterday's official opening ceremony. Chaired by President Paul Biya, the opening was also marked by a welcome speech from the Government Delegate to the Ebolowa Urban Council, Zo'o Oloumane who among other disclosures announced that the 40 hectare surface area that constitutes the show village will be left at the disposal of the State for any major investments. While being full of praises for the Presidential couple, the government delegate conferred the titles of the "supreme master of wisdom and intelligence" on the President and "the beauty of the people" on the First Lady, Chantal Biya.

Continuing in the same line, the Vice Prime Minister in charge of Agriculture, Jean Nkuete gave a presentation of what the Ebolowa Agro-pastoral Show village and the various activities that would mark the event such as exhibitions carefully selected from all ten regions of Cameroon and debates as some of the activities on schedule.

Taking the floor after a highly animated welcome song by "La Voix du Cénacle" of Prof Gervaiis Mendo Ze, the Head of State hailed recent improvements witnessed in the various sectors of agricultural production in Cameroon but noted that much still had to be done. He said the different and varied agricultural and livestock projects in the country had not given enabled Cameroon to come out with a coherent policy for the country to resolutely engage on the path of an emerging economy. Rice, maize, sugar and fish are some of the products often imported by Cameroon whereas the country has the necessary land, natural and human resources as well as favourable climate to meet her food requirements and even serve as breadbasket of the sub-region, he argued.

Meantime, the tens of agriculturalists who received medals from Prime Minister, Philemon Yang at the occasion must have been an encouragement to others same as the 14 producers handed over cash and material prizes by the Vice Prime Minister in Charge of Agriculture. While hoping that they would contribute in enabling Cameroon attain the substantive results expected by the Head of State, the international community that was heavily represented in Ebolowa yesterday through their diplomatic representations, was also cited by President Biya as an important factor for Cameroon to attain her objectives toward s becoming an emerging economy.


Source : Cameroon Tribune

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