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Valine – the next big thing in feed.

20 January 2010


VDS Feed test with cristaline Valine in weaned piglets

Over the years the crude protein content of piglet feeds has decreased due to several reasons, like gut health and the increasing prices of vegetable protein worldwide.
Research showed that valine appears to be a deficient nutrient in regards to the minimum requirement for piglets in the current lower protein piglet feeds.
Cristaline Valine has recently been made available for use in animal feeds.

What is Valine?

Valine is a branched chain amino acid like Isoleucine and Leucine. Valine is one of the essential amino acids that can’t be produced by the animal itself. Research has proven valine to be the next limiting amino acid in piglet feeding after lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan.

Based on this information VDS decided to test the use of valine in piglet feeds.

Test design:

2 equal groups of piglets were fed the same commercial diets from weaning till +/- 25 kg. Piglets were housed in the same, acclimated pig stable and received the same commercial diet. In the test group 1 kg of cristaline valine/Mt of feed was added on top of the commercial diet.

Results (see table 1):

The piglets in the test group had an end weight that was 9% higher then the control. This was achieved with a feed conversion ratio (FCR) of 1.62 compared to 1.71 of the control group.
The average daily gain (ADG) of the test group was 57 gr higher then the control resulting in a 15% better ADG.


Cristaline valine addition increases the growth of young piglets under commercial conditions. These test results confirm the statement of valine being deficient in current commercial piglet feeds.

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